Based in Southern California, Charles Reeves has been leading and designing with a global reach spanning industries, devices, and continents. With a deeply technical background in engineering, research, design and architecture, Charles brings his analytical and creative skills, along with his passion for problem solving, to the world of business and technology.

For over 30 years, Charles has build new paradigms in interaction design and achieved business success through an unwavering focus on the end-user, business goals and a constant pursuit of excellence. As a tireless advocate for customer-centricity, he reflects the customer’s needs in the soul of every design and brings the experience to life through strategy, design, identity, content and digital experience.
Now is the time when we must all commit to new levels of excellence, innovation, sustainability and social good. The world's quota of passivity and mediocrity has long been exceeded.

Achieving sea change and transformation demands new kinds of effort, skill and personal involvement. Creating new products and new categories of products, is a deeply hands-on process. It requires intense curiosity, challenging the status quo, discovering unrealised opportunities, seeing what others can't, connecting datapoints others would miss, and refusing to settle for less than the best.

Truly innovative products are founded on great insight-led design strategies. Research opens new doors, discovers new dimensions and shows us new opportunities. Great design on these insights to create delightful & meaningful experiences which forge deeper relationships between businesses and their customers. 

We can't walk this path alone or in isolation. Our work is founded on collaboration and the inclusion of diverse ideas and voices. Success comes through a united and shared effort of equals dedicated and aligned to a meaningful purpose. Working and leading across teams requires shared vision, active listening, honesty, humility and empathy. Together, as one team, is how we will win in our bid to change the world for the better. 

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